Crying For A Savior

The pain you causedHas left permanent scars Like armies of demons In my brain.

I am stilled by agony In unguarded moments Like razor blade cuts Across my heart.

It's been years But somehow Your deathly grip Still holds me fast;

I crawl Like a wounded animal Through the dust and debris Of the past

Crying for a Savior.

How is it That after thirty seven years You still reach me From the coldness of your grave?

Groping and grasping, Ripping my flesh off in layers, Stabbing your evil Through my heart and soul?

Will I ever be free To live as I dream of living Or will I forever be Your prisoner of anguish and shame?

I deserve to be happy I dream of it every day But somehow your memory Always succeeds

At burying me with you in a Hell you so adeptly created for both of us.


A video of my poem entitled Don't Give Up!

A while ago I wrote a poem encouraging myself and others not to give up. I posted it on my blog under poems. Then I had the idea to make it into a video:

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Love Is All That Really Matters

His name was John. He was a quiet man.He cared not about living according to the precepts of humanity. He preferred life to be simple, For in simplicity he saw grandeur.

When he spoke, his voice was meek; Most times others ignored his unassuming nature. His peacefulness was seen as weakness, His generosity a flaw of the human condition.

Quietly he walked through life in the most ordinary way. The corridors he passed on his journeys were well populated Though he was hardly noticed; It was as if he hadn't walked them at all.

When he spoke his voice was but a whisper; A breeze passing by the others who were near. His words fell silently around them, And they scarcely took the time to even glance his way.

A select few did notice his passing; They stopped to smile and nod at his peaceful candor. After he had spoken, their hearts soared with new life, For they saw John's beautiful nature, and intelligence.

As humanity swarmed around him, Rushing and darting to keep pace with the craziness that society expects, John noticed the stars in the sky and the warm summer breeze. He felt the green grass beneath his feet and warmth of the sun on his face.

Children surrounded him and listened to him speak, Laughing and smiling at the stories that he skillfully told, Just as a spider spins a beautiful, glistening web, Were his observations of life and life's journeys.

He always stopped to feed the birds and to watch the butterflies Flit through the air like colorful, miniature kites; His day was complete when he had the opportunity To pet a neighbor's dog or feed a squirrel in the park.

John appeared to be elusive, but that was only because Everyone around him was too busy to stop for a moment; To meet as one heart to another, to find a place Of commonality or interests shared.

“He's different,” they would say. “Too quiet. A bit off.” He heard their comments but it didn't bother him. He knew what was truly important. “They must only learn,” he thought quietly in his head.

He remembered the gunshots in the war, His friends dying around him; his best friend Pleading as he bled to death in his arms, “Tell my son I love him.”

John knew life was brief. He valued the things That others took for granted; things like Peace; happiness; soft, puffy clouds in the sky, A quiet place to sleep at night. The hug of a child.

And he knew their indifference was not deliberate, It was just that they hadn't known what he had known: That life was a gift, it was not something to be taken for granted; And that its purpose was to give love to others;

Even if they didn't understand why it was being given, Or what they were supposed to do with it once they received it. Love's grand purpose would make itself known at just the right time, In just the right place with just the right people with absolute perfection.

And that, John knew, was all that really mattered.

Don't Give Up

When you've tried your best,Been challenged and tested, And you're still wading through the muck, Don't give up.

When your dreams aren't handed, To you on a silver platter, And you feel like nothing matters, Don't give up.

When others tell you How wonderful their lives are, Know that they too have scars. Don't give up.

When sorrow hangs around, Like a thorny crown, And everybody tells you to smile, Don't give up.

Life is a series of tests And tribulations With an occasional vacation, so Don't give up.

The sun always shines, After it's been gone a while, Know you'll make it through your trials. Don't give up.

For others are watching you, To see what you will do. And if they see you make it through, They might not give up.

The Dance Of Life

Life is a dance; it is a danceOf love, of compassion, Of nature, of wit, If you do it right.

A dance Of happiness, of holiness, Of peace, of helpfulness, If you follow your own enlightened path.

And when your last days come, You will know if you've succeeded By the people who have gathered around you And the people who hold you in their hearts.

For life is not a game of chance; It is a testament Of who you are as a person And who you have become,

Through the path You have chosen to walk While you found yourself Here on earth.

Life Is A Journey by Diamante Lavendar





Happy Mother's Day

"I love you, mom," she said;"I know you do," I answered.

My thoughts became stepping stones, Leading down a path in my mind.

I remembered her youth; Her first words, her first steps;

"Mama," she babbled, holding chubby arms wide, For me to pick her up.

Then she was leaving on the bus, For the first day of school;

I stood in the driveway, And watched the bus take my baby away.

"I think he likes me," she smiled as she Showed me his picture. "Isn't he cute?"

I unwrapped her first purchased gift in pink wrapping paper; A bottle of perfume for my birthday.

She smiled and waved as she got behind the wheel Of her first car, honking the horn as she left.

"I'm pregnant," her voice cracked On the other end of the phone.

I heard the cries of my first grandchild As I watched her being born;

I held my granddaughter, marveling at her Soft cheeks and perfect little fingers and toes.

I took the gift from my daughter. My grandchild looked up at me and smiled.

"I love you too," I said softly. "Happy Mother's Day."

Please Do Not Weep

I wrote this poem to begin my novel entitled Breaking The Silence. This poem is a summation, in essence, of my book:  

Do not fret For your grievous loss;

Do not feel Like a wave that is tossed;

Do not weep By yourself, so alone;

For I am with you, Soon you will be Home.

The things of this world Are transient and brief;

I will be your comfort, Your ease and your peace;

Notice the good And perceive not the bad;

Observe what you've learned, The lessons you've had;

For everything you've been through Has come at a cost;

There is good in the bad, You have won and not lost.

I have set you here, love, And you shall I keep;

Do not lose hope, And please do not weep.

-Diamante Lavendar (from my novel, Breaking The Silence).

Life's Meaning

  I have felt pressure, I have known pain;

The darkening sun, The advancement of rain;

Meaning of Life


The drops of doubt, The sting of fear;

The awful regrets, The loss of ones dear;

And I have wondered, The reasons why;

The pangs of pain sting, And the woes of hearts cry;

But then I remembered, The awakening within;

The dawning of love, The forgiveness of sin;

And I came to accept, And to understand;

That all of our days, Are held in God's hands;

The good and the bad, The struggles, the strife;

Are all building blocks, A composite of life;

For it is the passions, The pains, the chagrin;

That have made me seek light, To find hope once again!

Take Time To Know Me

I am here, child;Take time to know Me;

All of creation Exists to behold Me;

My essence is found In the beauty of spring;

I sprinkled the dust On the butterflies’ wings;

I painted the skies With brushstrokes of blue;

I did this for Me And I did this for you;

I made the grass green Under your feet;

I blessed you with children, Their kisses so sweet;

I sprinkled stars In the darkness of night;

So you would not fear, You would still see My light;

I admire your beauty As you mature and grow;

There’s so much I wish for you, Want you to know;

Be still; hear My whisper In the soft, blowing breeze;

“I love you, my precious child; Take time to know Me.”

-Diamante Lavendar