You are my love;My heart knew you Before you were born.

Together in another realm we laughed, Made plans and shared kisses As we flew through the endless skies.

My soulmate, my child; A love so pure and An innocence undefiled.

Your laugh is a promise Of truth, beauty, And a profound future.

To be apart from you Is like death-but death does not exist; It is merely a lie of a three dimensional world.

Truth prevails and glory remains; Waiting for me in a realm That some refuse to believe.

However, I believe. I know. For I feel angel kisses on my skin, And I hear the whisper of your voice in the heavens;

Wanting to collect me like a flower, And bring me home in your embrace; To my place of refuge where you wait patiently for me.

You Shone Like The Sun On Autumn Leaves

You shone like the sun on autumn leaves, Their remaining life brief before they fell from the trees;

The sun's light was strong, the warmth intense, Just as was your heart; loving, immense;

But the leaves shriveled up and neared their end, Just as you when you left, my child, my friend;

Your meaning lives on in every new day, I begged God for time to extend your stay;

It's a hard lesson to learn that you have no control, Over life, over love, over a darling child's soul;

All we can do is sift through the hours, And beg for provision, mercy and power,

To experience life's sentence of lessons and fate, Before we, too, find ourselves in heaven's estate.

Love us and guide us from your ethereal view,                                                                                 Until one day we are reunited with you.

-Diamante Lavendar

Ominous Clouds

Ominous clouds on a haunted street, Passers by shuffling quickened feet; Ghosts lurk behind windows, and half open doors; Watching, waiting, squeaking furniture and floors; Their time has stopped, clocks are meaningless pieces; Of a life they once knew, before meeting the reaper; Confused and rattled, they are bound to cold earth; No longer feeling happiness, meaning or worth.

-Diamante Lavendar

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Follow Your Heart

Life can be rough. It can make you want to say, "Enough is enough! I quit!"

You throw up your hands In dismay, Not wanting to go through one more day,

Or minute or hour. But life demands that you keep moving, Whether you feel motivated or not.


The trials are turbulent. The road is rocky. Yet you know you must continue,

Despite your mind screaming At you That it's time to quit.

This is the key: Your mind is not your master. Your heart discerns your personal truth.

Deep down you know The right thing to do Is to persevere;

So continue your fight Until the sun of destiny Shines on the horizon;

The explanation of all things difficult Becoming a path of purpose To Heaven's door.

-Diamante Lavendar

The Dance Of Life

Life is a dance; it is a danceOf love, of compassion, Of nature, of wit, If you do it right.

A dance Of happiness, of holiness, Of peace, of helpfulness, If you follow your own enlightened path.

And when your last days come, You will know if you've succeeded By the people who have gathered around you And the people who hold you in their hearts.

For life is not a game of chance; It is a testament Of who you are as a person And who you have become,

Through the path You have chosen to walk While you found yourself Here on earth.

Life Is A Journey by Diamante Lavendar