Diamante's writing is simple yet powerful. Her expressions have a subtle message in every page. In fact, even the use of illustrations on her page conveys her rise as a phoenix. The imageries are powerful and the words empower the reader at every step. The poet has ensured that every piece written by her evokes emotions.

This collection is a tribute to all those silent voices who continue to suffer. There is power in every piece, the power to rise from the ashes like a phoenix, to rediscover oneself. It instills courage, it gives hope and above all, it brings about a sense of peace.

To sum up, this is a must-have and must-read collection for all poetry lovers. These powerful pieces would inspire every individual whether he or she has suffered or otherwise. An amazing and excellent anthology that can be read in one sitting but would leave its imprint for a lifetime.

-Reading Writings on Poetry and Ponderings

Seriously, I can not really put into words just how beautiful this book and the poems within it is. This book is so amazing. Diamante Lavendar nailed it. If you (or anyone you are close to) have ever been abused or ever suffered under another's hand you will understand.

I was a victim of spousal abuse years ago (I am now remarried to a wonderful man who would never hurt me). This is what I felt. This is what I went through. Diamante was taking what was inside me and putting it on paper! This was so real for me.

Taking away all the personal feelings - this was just a beautiful book. I loved every poem, they are so heartfelt. They spoke to me. They started out sad and EVERY one brought tears to my eyes! Then as the book goes on you could see the healing process. One of the titles says it all - Let Go and Let God Lead.

Another part that I really loved that doesn't have anything to do with the poems but shows the attention to detail - There are branches on every page. In the beginning they are bare then in the middle they have little buds on them then at the end they are in full bloom. I just love this idea, it shows the progress that she went through.

I asked for a print copy of the book instead of an e-book because I knew this was going to be a keeper. This is one definitely worth your time - it will work its way into your heart - it did mine!

-Wall to Wall Books on Poetry and Ponderings

Poetry and Ponderings by Diamante Lavendar might just be the most powerful collection you'll ever read. Journaling her way through abuse and eventual healing, Lavendar holds back nothing: pain, anger, hate, sadness, acceptance, revelation, peace, healing...

Meant to encourage and inspire other victims of abuse, this captivating collection of poetry and prose will make you cry, will make you think, and will stay with you long after you've turned the last page. You will want to hold onto this one and read it again.

-Cheryl C Malandrinos on Poetry and Ponderings

Wow, what a powerful book this was. It's real, raw, honest and written in a beautiful way. The author expresses her feelings well. These poems were obviously written from the heart and really had a way of pulling you in. The poems tell a story, from that of being a victim of abuse to one of healing.

-Shannan Lee on Poetry and Ponderings

Definitely a story of encouragement for those who may be crumbling beneath the weight of despair, hurtful memories of the past, doubts in the present and fear of the future. Joanie’s life is a perfect example that with determination, hope and faith we can overcome the worst adversities. I highly recommend.

-Aneres on Breaking The Silence

An honest and open reflection of pain. An inspirational must read.

This is a story that has impacted me which is something that every book should do. The writing was strong, the characters were developed, and the structure was well framed. I’m very glad that I had the opportunity to read such a fantastic book. I would highly recommend this to readers of all ages and interests.

-Valicity Garris on Breaking The Silence

Breaking the Silence by Diamante Lavendar is an emotional story about overcoming whatever cards you are dealt in life, with faith, positivity and hope. I recommend this story to anyone looking for help, whether going through a similar experience or needing inspiration to overcome any kind of obstacles.

-S.L.Hoyte on Breaking the Silence

Taking into account, the raw and emotional delivery of this book, it can be said, it took my breath away. It is by no small feat, Finding Hope in the Darkness of Grief by Diamante Lavendar, truly can help in the effort of finding you hope. If empathy is defined as sharing in the feelings of others, Lavendar’s prose mixed with her insight into the recovery process will give way to discovering from a time of weakness, strength. What can the process of grieving yield? Understanding and comfort. Free verse poems, prose, and an overwhelming sense of self-revelation.

-J. Thomas Munson on Finding Hope In The Darkness Of Grief

Finding Hope in the Darkness of Grief is a beautiful book. Most selections are short, so you can easily read one and take time to contemplate its meaning and how it touches you. The calming lavender color of the interior pages is a nice contrast against the artwork and black text. This is a book you hold on to and take out when you need it. I look forward to more of Ms. Lavendar's work.

-Cheryl C Malandrinos on Finding Hope In The Darkness Of Grief

Lavendar has a knack for looking at emotions and making them meaningful. Just about every other page contains beautiful art that calms the mind, and the lyrical poetry inspires you to look inward, shore yourself up and go on. Everyone experiences love and loss, and this multi-layered collection will resonate with many. The author has a way of connecting her personal experiences to anyone who might read this book. You will relate to and understand her pain, while perhaps healing your own. Highly recommend.

-V.E. on Finding Hope In The Darkness Of Grief