Before you left, You told me Everything: All your pain, And your regrets. I found it strange- The sudden openness Between us, But I didn't consider The ramifications; Until I found Your lifeless body In your apartment. Suddenly the world Came crashing in As I remembered Your haunting words. You knew you'd soon Be leaving me forever And I refused To believe it. Now I'm sentenced To the silence You left behind; And your words That once fell Upon my deaf ears Will echo in my mind Until I too Leave this earth To search for you In eternity.

Dedicated to my daughter who passed last November. I love you, Celby. Please forgive me.

My poem entitled Life, set to music.

I wrote this poem a while ago but recently decided to set it to music.

As is everything I write, this poem has a lot of personal meaning to me.  I hope you enjoy it!

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You Shone Like The Sun On Autumn Leaves

You shone like the sun on autumn leaves, Their remaining life brief before they fell from the trees;

The sun's light was strong, the warmth intense, Just as was your heart; loving, immense;

But the leaves shriveled up and neared their end, Just as you when you left, my child, my friend;

Your meaning lives on in every new day, I begged God for time to extend your stay;

It's a hard lesson to learn that you have no control, Over life, over love, over a darling child's soul;

All we can do is sift through the hours, And beg for provision, mercy and power,

To experience life's sentence of lessons and fate, Before we, too, find ourselves in heaven's estate.

Love us and guide us from your ethereal view,                                                                                 Until one day we are reunited with you.

-Diamante Lavendar

Take Time To Know Me

I am here, child;Take time to know Me;

All of creation Exists to behold Me;

My essence is found In the beauty of spring;

I sprinkled the dust On the butterflies’ wings;

I painted the skies With brushstrokes of blue;

I did this for Me And I did this for you;

I made the grass green Under your feet;

I blessed you with children, Their kisses so sweet;

I sprinkled stars In the darkness of night;

So you would not fear, You would still see My light;

I admire your beauty As you mature and grow;

There’s so much I wish for you, Want you to know;

Be still; hear My whisper In the soft, blowing breeze;

“I love you, my precious child; Take time to know Me.”

-Diamante Lavendar