Please Do Not Weep

I wrote this poem to begin my novel entitled Breaking The Silence. This poem is a summation, in essence, of my book:  

Do not fret For your grievous loss;

Do not feel Like a wave that is tossed;

Do not weep By yourself, so alone;

For I am with you, Soon you will be Home.

The things of this world Are transient and brief;

I will be your comfort, Your ease and your peace;

Notice the good And perceive not the bad;

Observe what you've learned, The lessons you've had;

For everything you've been through Has come at a cost;

There is good in the bad, You have won and not lost.

I have set you here, love, And you shall I keep;

Do not lose hope, And please do not weep.

-Diamante Lavendar (from my novel, Breaking The Silence).