Better Days Will Come

This blog is being written as a tribute to a family member that just suddenly passed away.   He was the victim of a deadly addiction that ended up taking his life.  It is hard to accept the death of a loved one, especially when it seems premature.  The questions of why run through our minds.  But when it comes down to fate, our days are numbered.  Life is fleeting.  We must enjoy it as much as possible while we are here. Cropped Addictions

We all have days of sadness and unrest. Days that we wish would never happen. Days of a death in the family or a sudden accident. Unfortunately, these days will come whether we want them to or not. It is just the way of the world.

Fortunately, these days don't last forever. Sometimes their effects do and it takes us months or even years to work through the lasting impressions they have on us.

It is important to remember that it will pass. Sadness and suffering won't continue without end. Sometimes it's hard to remember this when we are in the midst of turmoil and agony. But every cloud does eventually have a silver lining.

We must attempt to keep a positive attitude as much as possible during these excruciating moments. For most times these moments shape us into better people if we allow them to.

Life doesn't always make sense but if we keep the proper perspective, we will come out victorious.  Joy always comes like a sunrise on the horizon and hope always resurfaces to anchor our souls.