The March Lowdown!

Hi everyone! Here's what went on during the month of March! It was a pretty busy month! The March Lowdown by Diamante Lavendar

As always, I'm very grateful to everyone who participated in my blog!  It's been a lot of fun expanding my reach to not only authors but also artists!  I've met and look forward to meeting a lot of fun and interesting people!

May you all remain prosperous, happy and healthy in the years to come!  I look forward to working with you on future projects as well!




Welcome Alison Buehler! Author of Rethinking Women's Health!

Rethinking Women's Health by Alison BuehlerAlison Buehler pic

Rethinking Women's Health was released last week into Amazon's Top 100 in Kindle books! I wrote this book because I wish it had existed when I was in the throes of battling my own female health challenges alone. I hope to accomplish two things with this book. First, I want to help women who are still struggling with female health issues like the ones I finally overcame. Second, I don't want female health to be such a hard thing to find for my daughter or her generation of women.

Personally, I suffered from a painful condition called vulvodynia, chronic yeast infections, and a host of other female problems related to bearing children. When your female parts are not right life is pretty miserable, but there are answers out there! They are hard to find, and not often mainstream, but women are becoming well even when they can’t find a solution at the doctor’s office. Becoming our own health experts and sharing our stories of support with other women are the keys to creating a culture of wellness.

I dug into every outside the box resource I could find for women at every stage of growth and development and share the best of those resources in this book. There is an extensive resource section at the end of the book for quick reference. I have received feedback already that women are buying copies for sisters, nieces, and daughters so that they will have this reference on hand. That is exciting!

Women are often told our female ailments are in our heads. While the mind-body connection is powerful, this answer often dismisses women from finding real solutions. Taking charge of your own health is powerful. Creating a culture that promotes wellness, rather than diagnosing and then battling disease is the shift I would ultimately like to see.

If you have a success story, I would love to hear it! Sharing our stories may be the greatest gift we can offer the world. Please email me at to post your story on The Healing Wall at where I share stories of transformation.

You can find Rethinking Women’s Health at

I am also giving away 8 Ultimate Self Help Box Sets. Every 25th entry wins and EVERY entry receives a free Health and Wellness Resource List PDF.

Here’s to your health!

Alison Buehler