The March Lowdown!

Hi everyone! Here's what went on during the month of March! It was a pretty busy month! The March Lowdown by Diamante Lavendar

As always, I'm very grateful to everyone who participated in my blog!  It's been a lot of fun expanding my reach to not only authors but also artists!  I've met and look forward to meeting a lot of fun and interesting people!

May you all remain prosperous, happy and healthy in the years to come!  I look forward to working with you on future projects as well!




The February Lowdown!

February Lowdown 2016

Hey everyone!  It's hard to believe, but February has come to an end already!  Two months into 2016!  The time is going fast! I'd like to shout out a big thank you to the talented artists and authors who participated in my blog during the month of February! It was great having you all as guests! May the coming months and year find you happy, healthy and prosperous!  Keep in touch! Cheers!

The January Lowdown!

Hello everyone! Today I'd like to take a moment to thank all the wonderful authors who participated in my blog during the month of January!  It was a very busy and prosperous month!

The January Lowdown by Diamante Lavendar

I am grateful to all of you for bringing interest and diversity to my blog!  It was great working with you and even better getting to know you!  I hope this post finds you happy and well!

If you're reading this post and would like to know more about the featured artists or the art work I pictured above, just go to "reviews/promos" under the blog tab to look up the authors or go to "art" under the art site tab to locate what you're interested in!