My newest creation! Counteract Every Negative Thought!

Counteract every negative thought by Diamante Lavendar

Here is my most recent inspirational quote, brought on by some hard days that I've gone through. I made this quote to remind myself and to inspire others! The last few days (the last week, actually) has been tough. In order to counteract a bad attitude, I started stating a blessing or something I was grateful for in response to every negative thought that went through my head. It helped a lot!

If you know someone who is going through a tough time right now, feel free to share this quote with them. It will help to spark some positive energy in their heart and give them hope that tomorrow will be a better day!

Just remember...this too shall pass!

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My newest creation: Eternity Is A Position!

Here is another piece of my graphic art. I created this piece to remind myself and others that eternity is a position. Eternity isn't a place we need to travel to. It's a place in our hearts, minds and spirits where we live. We can live there right now. That is how we attain enlightenment here...before we pass on!

Eternity Is Not A Place by Diamante Lavendar

Eternity is a place inside us and around us.  A place of love, wisdom, understanding, peace and laughter.  A place of light where we can truly be ourselves!

This quote along with all of my other artistic creations are available in hundreds of products on several different websites.  You can find them in home decor, apparel, gift items, stationery and more!


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~My newest creation: Find Something To Laugh About!~

Find Something To Laugh About by Diamante Lavendar

Life happens. It happens to all of us whether we're ready or not....kind of like playing hide and seek! We can try to hide, but life will seek us and hunt us down, taking us along for the ride!

My newest creation speaks of maintaining a sense of humor through it all. It's easy to have humor on good days. But it's also very important to have humor on bad days as well. Humor actually helps us through hardship and is essential in our well being.

This is a concept I've learned the hard way. Some of you know my story. Others of you aren't familiar with it. I wrote a book about it entitled Breaking The Silence. Through my life, I've learned that humor is a necessary element in healing and staying happy.

Please feel free to come back and visit again to read my quote. Or save it to your computer. I'd love to have it inspire you at times when you really need it.

Blessings, Diamante

Just Dishy, one of my graphic art pieces!

Just Dishy by Diamante Lavendar This is a fun piece I created just because I love purple, pink and red combined!  I made this graphic art into numerous creations on Zazzle, Fine Art America and Red Bubble.  I actually had people who enjoyed cooking in mind when I came up with this piece.  But it's really cute as apparel, bath items, bedding and much more!

Here are some of the cute things made with this design:

Just Dishy pants RBJust Dishy Laptop Skin RB

Just Dishy duvet cover RBJust Dishy pillow RB

This design is quite functional in reminding you to keep an element of fun and humor in your life!  It is my hope that this design will do just that for many people in the years to come!  We all need elements of brightness and gaiety in our lives.  Here is the perfect reminder!

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