To Dish Or Not To Dish by Diamante Lavendar!

To Dish Or Not To Dish with kiss by Diamante Lavendar

A humorous quote about life! Also a great quote for any cook you might know!

This is my fun way of saying "Be yourself! Enjoy your life!" We all have our own unique talents and abilities so we need to share them with the world! If we don't, nobody will ever know our strengths and contributions! So don't be shy! Step out and be who God made you to be! This world can be a better place just because you're in it!

I originally designed this piece to be similar to Just Dishy because I was going to create dishes with both designs together. But then I decided to keep them separate. So take your pick! Whichever one tickles your fancy is just fine!

Here are some cute products made with To Dish Or Not To Dish:

To Dish Or Not To Dish wrapping paper on ZazzleTo Dish Or Not To Dish card FAA

To Dish Or Not To Dish duvet FAATo Dish Or Not To Dish Pillow FAA

There are hundreds of products to choose from in this design as with all of my designs.

You can find all sorts of things made from To Dish Or Not To Dish here:

Just Dishy, one of my graphic art pieces!

Just Dishy by Diamante Lavendar This is a fun piece I created just because I love purple, pink and red combined!  I made this graphic art into numerous creations on Zazzle, Fine Art America and Red Bubble.  I actually had people who enjoyed cooking in mind when I came up with this piece.  But it's really cute as apparel, bath items, bedding and much more!

Here are some of the cute things made with this design:

Just Dishy pants RBJust Dishy Laptop Skin RB

Just Dishy duvet cover RBJust Dishy pillow RB

This design is quite functional in reminding you to keep an element of fun and humor in your life!  It is my hope that this design will do just that for many people in the years to come!  We all need elements of brightness and gaiety in our lives.  Here is the perfect reminder!

Where you can find Just Dishy products: