Why Weaknesses Can Be Strengths

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When I was younger, I was ashamed of my weaknesses. I wondered why I had so many problems and insecurities. I saw my weaknesses as pitfalls, or very negative aspects of myself. Only as I got older did I learn that my weaknesses could be strengths.

Your weaknesses cause you to seek help-to ask others for insight. That is a huge strength because no one is an island. We all need each other and asking for guidance is a very powerful way to not only get to know others intimately but also to learn more about ourselves. When we look at life from another person’s perspective, we learn more about life, ourselves and how we fit into society.

Your weaknesses also cause you to approach others which helps you realize and understand that you are part of a whole community and world. When you see that others have an answer you can’t provide, you gain respect for your fellow man. That is integral in being a valued member of society as a whole.

Your weaknesses also cause you to re-evaluate your life and your position in society. When you know your weaknesses, it also introduces you to your strengths. Your weaknesses help you to evaluate what you are good at and what you should do with your life. Knowing your weaknesses helps you to determine your life path and your destiny!

Your weaknesses also teach you appreciation and gratitude. When you see that you rely on others for help, you are grateful for them. You appreciate how you fit in like a puzzle with the people around you. And you also understand that nobody is perfect which ultimately causes you to value yourself more. You learn to respect who you are and not feel bad about yourself because you have weaknesses. You stop seeking perfection because you know it doesn’t exist. Therefore, you become a happier person.

When you know your strengths and weaknesses, you are able to move forward in life developing the things you are good at. It not only helps you to shine but it also helps others to shine around you!

Seeing The Big In The Small

There are many things that make life worth living. One of those things is seeing the big in the small.

Noticing The Big In The Small

When you look at a tree, do you only see a tree? Or do you see a living being, a life-giving gift? A beautiful creation of colors in various shades and hues?

I am convinced that when you see the big in the small, or the extraordinary in the ordinary, you will experience life in much richer ways.

For example, when you see a cat, what do you see? Something with color that meows? Maybe a bit more...something soft and fluffy? Something that makes cute noises and likes to cuddle? Perhaps a companion? A friend?

The more you see in what is considered normal, the more interest and experience and depth open up. Even for something inanimate. Like a sink. Most of us go to the sink and turn on the water. We don't think much about the process. But if you stop and ponder upon sinks and water and all of the pipes that combine to bring us our much needed resource, our awakening opens. How the water is pumped through all of those pipes and brought to us and then heated for our use...is quite amazing! The technology of it all and the cleanup in the water facilities afterward to enable the water to continue to be used is lengthy and somewhat complicated. It is designed by human ingenuity! The engineers who have come up with the process and educated people as to how to build everything to exact specifications is nothing short of amazing! And we have this resource to use every minute of every day if we wish!

So much of life is this way; seemingly simple but so much more to the story. Some of us have more conveniences and blessings than others. Many times those with less are so very appreciative for the little they have! They are able to see the big in the small.

What a gift for us to be able to cultivate this concept in our lives. To see the big in the small. To appreciate the untold or unnoticed portions of life. The cultivation of this concept makes us richer right where we stand! Without owning anything more! Just to simply behold more understanding of the story around you! Try to begin noticing the big in the small today and watch the amazing ways in which it will broaden your outlook! It will definitely bring more blessings into your life!