Chicken Chatter: The Burning Question...

Bernie and Kurt were longtime friends. Best friends, really. They were also roommates that had lived together for years. Complete opposites, Bernie and Kurt found that the age old truth was indeed correct: opposites do tend to attract, at least most of the time.

One day Bernie and Kurt were sitting in their living room. Bernie was staring intently at the T.V. while Kurt read his daily paper. As the images floated around Bernie's mind from the television program he was watching, Bernie turned to Kurt with an abrupt and somewhat strange question.

"Is it true, Kurt?"

Shaken from his reverie, Kurt looked over the top of the newspaper.  "Is what true?"

"The age old question, Kurt.  You know....why did the chicken cross the road?"  Bernie stared vacantly at his friend.

"What, Bernie?  Why are you talking about chickens?"  Kurt responded, irritation edging his voice.

"Because, Kurt.  I have heard the question many times.  Why?  Why did the chicken cross the road?"


Kurt set down his paper with a rustle and a bustle.  "Why are you asking ridiculous questions? That's not an age old question!  That's a riddle, Bernie.  A ridiculous riddle."

Bernie shook his head.  "No, Kurt.  It's an important question.  Kind of like the one about the chicken and the egg."

Kurt stared at Bernie.  "What's up with you and chickens, Bernie?  It's a chicken.   Who cares about a chicken?"

Bernie was taken aback.  "Well, you seem to care a lot about chickens, Kurt."

"I care about chickens?  When do I care about chickens?"

"When you eat supper...and sometimes lunch..."

Kurt threw his hands in the air.  "I care about chickens at supper and lunch because I'm hungry! Not because I care about a ridiculous riddle regarding a chicken crossing a road!  Since when have you ever seen a chicken cross a road, Bernie?  When?"

"I haven't."

"Okay then.  There's the answer to your question."

"What answer, Kurt?"  Bernie scratched his head.

Kurt sat forward in his chair, pushing his newspaper onto the ottoman in front of him.  "CHICKENS DON'T CROSS ROADS, BERNIE.  THAT'S THE ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION."

Cowed by Kurt's irritation, Bernie was silent for a moment.  Kurt watched him for approximately thirty seconds then sunk back into his chair, reaching for his paper again.

Sensing that the confrontation was over-at least temporarily over-Bernie said, "That doesn't answer the question, Kurt."

"Are you kidding me, Bernie?  Are you kidding me right now?"  Kurt plunged forward in the chair, almost nose diving across the ottoman.


"NO?  NO what?"  Kurt ground his teeth together.  Then the thought occurred to him that it was ludicrous to be this angry over a riddle that some person most likely made up in the midst of a fit of complete and total boredom.

"I'm not kidding.  It....doesn't answer..the question."

Kurt sighed and shook his head.  "Okay, Bernie.  If you want the question answered so badly, go find a chicken crossing a road and ask it yourself."

"But chickens don't speak English, Kurt."

"Enough!  Enough!  I don't have an answer to your question!  I don't know why a chicken would cross a road, I don't know why it would WANT to cross a road and I sure am not going to ASK a chicken a question!  ENOUGH!  This conversation is over!  Good night, Bernie!"  Kurt jumped off the chair, tripped past Bernie and ran to his room, slamming the door.

"But Kurt, it's noon..."

"Done!  I'm done!  Putting on my earbuds now.  DONE Bernie!"  he screamed from his bedroom.

Shrugging, Bernie clicked the remote to turn the sound up on the T.V. and lay back in his recliner.  I'll ask tomorrow when he's in a better mood.  I wonder what got into him.  He's so cranky!

Interview With A Purple Fairy About Brianna And Yashire

  Interviewer:  Today we will be interviewing a fairy from Yashire, who helped Brianna on her journey.  May I ask you your name?

Fairy:  My name is Purple.

Interviewer:  Just like your color?

Fairy:  Yes.  Our names are our color!  Hee hee!

interview with a Purple Fairy

Interviewer:  That's cute!  Would you like to sit for the interview?

Fairy:  No.  I prefer to fly!  Hee hee!

Interviewer:  Could you at least hover in front of me?  It's hard for me to concentrate when you're flying all around my head!

Fairy:  Yes!  Hee hee!  Forgive me, sir!

Interviewer:  Very well, then.  Tell me a bit about Brianna.

Fairy:  Well, when she came to Yashire, she was kind of a mess, hee hee!  And she was worried about her journey, too.  But when she met us, we gave her the gift of laughter and then she felt better!  Hee hee!

Interviewer:  What do you mean, she was a mess?

Fairy:  Well, she had a lot to learn, hee hee!  I guess you could say she had a lot of problems.  But we helped her by giving her the gift of laughter to make her problems a little better, hee hee!

Interviewer:  What do you mean, 'the gift of laughter'?

Fairy:  We gave her laughter so that she would enjoy, hee hee, her soulmate more!  And focus on her problems less!  After all, humor is, hee hee, very important!

Interviewer:  Yes, I agree that it is indeed.

Fairy:  Oh yes!  Especially when you are on a dangerous journey!  Very important!  Hee hee!

Interviewer:  So Brianna's journey is dangerous?

Fairy:  Well, of course it is!  She is rescuing the land of evil!  It really couldn't get any more dangerous!  Hee hee!

Interviewer:  Was Brianna worried about her journey?

Fairy:  Oh yes!  Quite worried!  But after she met us, she learned to focus more on happiness!  Hee hee!  To make it a bit easier!

Interviewer:  It sounds to me like you gave her a very important gift, then!  Perhaps it will help her be able to finish her journey successfully!

Fairy:  We certainly hope so!  We are all rooting for her!  We need her to make Yashire better again!  Hee hee!  And for her to do that, hee hee, she must find her soulmate!

Interviewer:  How is she doing as far as finding her soulmate?

Fairy:  She's trying!  She's getting gifts to help her have a good relationship with him!  But she hasn't found him yet!

Interviewer:  Do you anticipate that it will take her a while?

Fairy:  I don't know!  We shall see!  Every step she takes is a step closer to her goal, hee hee!

Interviewer:  Well, I will be waiting to hear how Brianna is doing.  Is there anything you'd like to tell our audience today?

Fairy:  Yes!  Remember to laugh!  Often!  Hee hee!  It will help you to accomplish your goals because you will be able to focus on the positivity of laughter!  Hee hee!

Interviewer:  Great advice!  Thank you, Purple!  Say hi to all the other fairies for me!

Fairy:  I will!  And thank you!  Hee hee!  Everyone needs to know of Brianna's journey!  It may just help them with their own journeys to know what she has been through!

Interviewer:  Thank you again, Purple!  More great advice!  We appreciate everyone tuning in.  We will be checking in with Brianna's progress again soon!  Until then, remember to add a little humor into your day!

Recipe for Happiness

1 1/2 c. love1 c. prayer 3/4 c. enlightenment 3/4 c. acceptance 1/2 c. peace 1/2 c. wisdom 1/3 c. understanding 1/4 c. faith 1/8 c. discernment 4 T. gratitude 3 T. fortitude 2 T. goodwill to others dash of hope sprinkle with abundant laughter

Mix together. Add some dreams. Toss in positivity. Allow time to process!