SpringAs I see winter fading and spring approaching, new life comes into my spirit. The wet and the cold will soon be fading and warmth and sunlight will take its place. It is a time for dreaming.

I dream of everything I wish to accomplish before I pass away; writing the stories that are bursting inside of me, listening to the pitter-patter of my grandchildren’s feet, watching my precious children raise their own families, and maybe even spending winters in a warmer climate someday. I have so many dreams. My dreams drive me to keep trying.

I feel sadness for those who have been through such great pain that their dreams have been smothered. But I wish to tell those people that their dreams are still alive deep inside their hearts. If they search their innermost being, they will find their dreams once again. And then they will find hope to go on.

This state of living we find ourselves in is just that—a state. It can change from day to day and we have the power to change it from moment to moment if we wish. Even making the choice to smile at someone who looks depressed can change the feeling of the entire day for us and the person we smiled at.

I am so thankful that we can create our lives in such a way. So today I am encouraging myself and all of you who are reading this to dream your dreams. Who knows where they will take you? And don’t just dream them—be them!