The Little Big Things

When she cleaned her house, she always decorated the table with flowers. Then she would go and put a single flower in a vase in the bathroom for added effect. Her house was her sanctuary and she was determined to make it a happy one.

Whenever the days were long, she would come home and sit and gaze at her flowers. They filled her with life and hope and determination. Sometimes she wondered how something so small could bring changes so large to a home or a heart. But then, she knew, the small things in life often did.

The Little Big Things Blog Picture

Like the time that her daughter burst in the house after school, excitedly running up to her. Her eyes glittering like diamonds, she held out a drawing that she had made in art class. "I did it for you, mommy! Just for you!" Her daughter smiled, wiggling expectantly back and forth, barely able to contain herself.

When she looked at the picture, what she beheld was more beautiful than anything Picasso himself could have conjured up. "I love it, sweetie! It's beautiful!"

The hugs and kisses that ensued were more "little" life pleasantries that swelled her heart to a gigantic size. Nothing could compare to the hugs and kisses of her child, the happiness engulfing them like a soft, fuzzy blanket.

She would then find a frame and hang the picture in a prevalent part of the house; a constant reminder of her child's love and creativity. Her house was filled with many of those very creations.

She also remembered when she was having a particularly bad day. She was at the store and was buying groceries. When it came time to pay for them, she rifled through her wallet looking nervously for the correct amount that was due. No matter how hard she tried, she kept coming up with the bleak realization that she didn't have enough.

A feeling of desperation filled her and eyes eyes began to tear up. "Why does this have to happen on the worst days?" she asked herself, tears stinging at the back of her eyes.

"I've got it," the man behind her said, a big smile consuming his face. "It's only ten dollars."

Feeling as though she had just won the lottery, she looked over at the man, feeling her tears begin to flow.

"It's okay. Don't worry about it," he smiled even more. "Really."

"Thank you so much! Thank you!" she exclaimed several times. She smiled back, trying to display her gratefulness. She wanted to run over and hug him but was too shy to do so. Instead he smiled even more.

"It's my pleasure! I can see you're having a bad day. I just want to brighten it for you! I'm glad I was able to!"

She sat back, gazing at the colorful flowers.  They filled her with hope.  And wasn't that what everyone needs?  A little hope?  She realized that the little things were the hope builders, the heart repairers.

And those were the things that meant the most. Those were the things that were remembered. Those were the little things that were really the big things. The little big things were the most important pieces in life's journey!