Who You Are Meant To Be

We all have ideas of who we are meant to be, whether they are ideas from others close to us or ideas built on experiences and interests we hold.  Most of the time it is an accumulation of all of the above.

But if we are what we believe we are, can we reach our highest potential?  What if we believe there is no limit?  We can keep growing and changing until we pass away from this earth!

Over the years I have come to believe that we are each put here for a specific reason.  Every one of us has different talents and abilities, strengths and weaknesses.  We compliment each other through the things we are and do.  I believe we all have a special purpose that we grow into during our lives.  But I believe that in order to find our purpose, we must keep our eyes focused Heavenward and our minds positive.

Who We Are Meant To Be

Everything around us is a sign; a marker showing us the path that we should choose.  Each situation that happens to us is a potential for growth and maturity to lead us on that path.

It is my thought that we are all meant to be happy.  For some, happiness is elusive because they haven't noticed the signs along the way.  My hope for each one of us is that we will keep our minds open and responsive to the signals of life.  What a wonderful world it would be if everyone was content and accomplishing their goals and dreams.  It would be a world where pain slowly dissolves away and is replaced by peace and goodwill for all.

Take the time to enjoy the things around you; your family, your friends, the place that you live and the beautiful things that you find there.  Everything is a stepping stone to a new beginning.  And each of us has our own unique destination and contribution to offer!