Spotlight: The Heir by Lynne Stringer

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Synopsis: Sarah hates the prestigious high school she attends. Most of the other students ignore her. The only good thing about school is the presence of Dan Bradfield, the boy she adores. Dan is the heir to his father's multinational computer company, but he is dating Sarah's best friend, Jillian. When tragedy strikes, Dan is the one who is there for Sarah, but she can't shake the feeling there is something strange about him. Is he protecting her from something? Is there something going on that she doesn't know about? And did she really see a monster in the bushes? Sarah is desperate to uncover the truth, but it could take her to another galaxy, and change everything she believes about who she is. Will it bring Dan and Sarah closer together or tear them apart? The Heir is the first book in the Verindon Trilogy.

Current Reviews: I really enjoyed The Heir. It was well-plotted with good foreshadowing (but without making it obvious), good characters, and an ending that was both satisfying in the way it completed the current story, but left me wanting more. And unlike many current YA novels, it's clean. – Iola (Amazon)

I can't say enough good things about it! It was intriguing and fast paced. The first page had me hooked. I couldn't put the book down, and I can't wait for the next one! – Elizabeth McKinney (Amazon)

It made me shed tears and smile and that's the awesome part about a good book. It took me 5 hours to read it because I couldn’t put it down and I'm going to reread it today :) – Schuller (Amazon)

Author Interview: 1. What made you decide to start writing? I started writing stories when I was eight years old. Back then, they weren't too long but I was intrigued by the idea of telling stories like the ones in the books I loved. When I was a teenager I bought a typewriter and started novelizing movies and episodes of TV shows for the fun of it. This furthered my love for it and later developed into writing full-length, original novels. My time as a journalist also honed my writing skills.

2. What is your favorite genre to write about and why? I like the young adult genre because there's something intriguing about that stage in a person's life. I tend to mix it, though, with science fiction or fantasy because I like things that get away from our every day world. Sprinkle that with a dash of romance, and I couldn't be happier!

3. What books do you like to read and why? Mostly YA, science fiction or fantasy but also some historical novels. I always like a book to have a bit of romance too.

4. What inspires you to write? I'm inspired by the stories other people tell, whether it's orally, in books, movies or TV shows. I love stories in any form.

5. Favorites: your favorite food, color, activity, place? My favorite food would have to be chocolate. Blue is my favorite color, and I also enjoy going for walks with my family, reading (surprise, surprise!) and I love going to the mountains or the beach.

6. What would you like your readers to remember about you? I'd like them to remember me for the interesting characters I created and that those characters made them think.

7. If you could give me one piece of advice, what would it be? If you're a writer, then I'd advise you to keep writing. The more you write the better you'll become. Also, listen to your professional editor. Also, don't give up. If you're a reader I'd advise you to leave reviews on the books you love at as many sites as you can. Nothing delights an author more than hearing that someone loves their book. It's also the best form of advertising a writer can get.

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