My drawing entitled Shadows

Shadows for Fine Art America

This is an older piece I created many years ago when I was having trouble with flashbacks stemming from my abuse. One day I sat down and began to create this piece as I was suffering.

It's meaning: Memories are like shadows in our minds. The good memories remind us. The bad memories haunt us. Our lives are filled with many different memories. They shape who we are. How we allow them to affect us is our own decision.

I wrote a book about my life entitled Breaking The Silence. It is a story of my torment and agony but also a story of my hope and healing. Sexual and psychological abuse is extremely difficult to deal with. The emotions that it creates threaten to destroy the victim's life. Breaking The Silence is my story about how I went from victim to over comer. It is my hope that everyone who has suffered as I have will find the courage to recover after reading my story.

Shadows is my physical depiction of a small piece of that torment and hidden hope.  If you know someone who has suffered from abuse, show them this piece.  They will probably be able to identify deeply with it.

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