Review: Bravo and Elphie by Hagit R. Oron & Or Oron

Bravo and Elphie cover

Bravo, Elphie’s new pet, is stuck on top of the red slide. Elphie never climbs the red slide. It's so high, its goes all the way into the sky. But now he needs to embrace himself and gather up his courage to rescue Bravo. Good thing he never leaves the house without his cape! Join Elphie and Bravo on this colorful bittersweet adventure.

My Rating:  4 Stars!

This is a cute picture book about a young elephant and his pet rat going on an adventure in the park.  The pet rat is a little braver than Elphie and climbs to the top of the slide.  But when he is too afraid to slide down, Elphie has to conquer his fear of heights and go get his pet Bravo. They end up sliding down together and Elphie is amazed at how easy it was.

The moral of this book is a good one:  don't be afraid to address your fears!  A wonderful concept for young children to grasp which is easily conveyed in this story line.

This is a fun book that kids would enjoy, complete with cute, colorful pictures to add to the experience!

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