Present Days

As part of my artistic journey, I've created a vast number of quotes about things I've learned to live by or things I've learned from. I'll be including my quotes in the art spectrum of my blog.

This particular quote is entitled Present Days. I wrote it while in an enlightened state of mind. It is a reminder to me to enjoy the present moment because it is quickly gone into the past where it can never be re lived.

Present Days Become Days Past for Fine Art America

As citizens on this planet, it is so easy to get caught up in the physical moments of life. We have a tendency to forget our true nature as we engage in this worldly reality. I have come to learn that it is imperative to remember our nature as we go through our daily situations. Only then can we truly live and enjoy the things we experience in each moment of each day.

It is my hope that this quote will remind all of us to stop and reflect on the brief passage of each minute in life. As the moments culminate, years go by and soon we are asking ourselves where the time went. Enjoy every minute because life is precious and fleeting!


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