Interview With Brianna (Part One)


Interviewer:  We are joining Brianna, from Yashire, for a brief interview.  Tell us a little about yourself, Brianna.

Brianna:  Well, I'm a teenage girl who just found herself in Yashire. I'm travelling here with some friends.  Abiba and Angelos are with me.

Interviewer:  For those who aren't familiar with your story, could you elaborate a bit?

Brianna:  Well, Yashire is a land that I'm travelling through.  I'm travelling with a bird named Abiba and a tiger named Angelos. Unfortunately, I have amnesia and I can't remember where I was before this.  That is one reason why I am travelling in Yashire.  I am hoping that when I complete my journey here, I will remember who I was before and where I came from.

Interviewer:  So you have no idea where you were before, who you lived with or anything?

Brianna:  No.

Interviewer:  What exactly are you doing in Yashire?

Brianna:  Well, I woke up here.  I was near Libban's castle.  Libban is the keeper of Yashire.  After I was here for a night, I found out that I was the chosen one who was supposed to rid evil from Yashire.  I don't know why I was chosen, but I guess I was.

Interviewer:  How are you expected to rid evil from Yashire?

Brianna:  I am supposed to find my soulmate.  Somehow that will rid evil from the land.

Interviewer:  Do you have any idea who your soulmate is?

Brianna:  No idea.  At all.  I am travelling through Yashire and receiving virtues in order to have a lasting relationship with him.

Interviewer:  And how are the travels coming along?

Brianna:  Okay, I guess.  I've had some pretty scary moments and some pretty awesome moments.  A lot has happened.

Interviewer:  Tell me about some of those moments.  What was the scariest moment you encountered?

Brianna:  Hmmm.  I think the moment I slayed the serpent was probably the scariest moment so far.

Interviewer:  Wow!  You slayed a serpent?

Brianna:  Yes.  I got training on how to use a dagger and several other weapons.  One of Libban's helpers trained me.  It gets quite dangerous in Yashire at times.

Interviewer:  Fascinating!  And what was one of your happiest moments?

Brianna:  I think the moment I first heard Angelos sing.  His voice has a way of melting into your heart and making you feel peaceful and happy beyond words.  Every time he sings, it affects me like that.

Interviewer:  What do you mean, Angelos sings?

Brianna:  Angelos sings the purest sounds of love.  Zolan-that's the evil wizard in the land-can't stand the sound of his singing.  Neither can Zolan's workers.  Angelos saves me every time with his beautiful voice!

Interviewer:  Describe Angelos' voice to me.

Brianna:  It sounds like a choir of thousands of angels.  It's awesome. It gives me goosebumps.  Every time I hear him sing, it's like I'm hearing him for the first time.

Interviewer:  Wow!  Angelos sounds awesome!  I'd like to hear him sing sometime!

Brianna:  Yes, it is a sound you'd never forget.  He is amazing!

Interviewer:  Does Angelos talk too?

Brianna:  No.  He only sings.

Interviewer:  So you aren't able to have a conversation with Angelos. He sings instead of talking?

Brianna:  Yes, but he is very expressive.  He gets his point across without even having to say anything!

Interviewer:  So Angelos is like a singing bodyguard!  Imagine that!

Brianna:  Yes, he is!  I know I'm safe with Angelos at my side!

Interviewer:  How does Abiba help you on your journey?

Brianna:  Abiba knows Yashire very well and he helps me navigate my way through it.  Plus he has a lot of friends that help us out.

Interviewer:  Have you encountered a lot of evil so far?

Brianna:  Yes, I've had my fair share of it.  As I get deeper into Yashire and receive more virtues, it seems that the evil gets more intense.

Interviewer:  Have you met Zolan in person?

Brianna:  I haven't actually talked to him.  But I've encountered his evil workers like the serpent that attacked me and the shadow people that hunted me.

Interviewer:  Whew!  Sounds scary!  Serpents and shadow people?

Brianna:  Yes, they are fearsome.  The serpent was huge but I slayed it!  I'm quite proud of myself for that one!  The shadow people are fearsome too, but I did get away from them with Angelos' help.  They don't enjoy being stabbed!  When they outnumbered me, Angelos sang and scared them away!

Interviewer:  Well, thank you, Brianna!  It has been a fascinating interview!  I understand that soon you'll be embarking on the next segment of your journey.  We'll keep in touch.  I can't wait to hear what you have to say the next time we meet!

Stay tuned for part two of Brianna's interview!