Review of Catnip 3: Revolution by J. S. Frankel

catnip 3-second photo (1) My rating:  4 stars!

Catnip 3:   Revolution is the third book in a series.  The story is a fantasy adventure about genetic engineering gone wrong!  Anastasia and Harry, two genetically engineered subjects, find themselves in the midst of a political controversy involving wayward scientists and unethical doctors who have decided to use their knowledge in hideous ways in an attempt to bring glory to themselves.  It is up to Anastasia and Harry to put an end to the madness:  an undertaking which involves mystery, death and mayhem!

Catnip 3:  Revolution is a very interesting story.  The plot is well conceived and the characters are very well developed.  Although it is a fantasy, the book is well constructed and the reader soon gets swept away by the story line.

If you enjoy fantasy, intrigue, a touch of romance and mystery, this book is for you!  It captivates the imagination and whets the imaginative juices of the reader!

Interview with J.S. Frankel:

1.  What made you decide to start writing?
I don't know, really. I got into writing very late, in my late forties. My older son was around thirteen at the time and he mentioned a cartoon he'd seen on television, something about walking trees, and that night I had a dream and eventually that became The Tower, my first novel. It isn't my best work, but it is my first, and that got me started.
2. How did you become interested in writing your genre(s)?
I've always been interested in science fiction and fantasy, ever since I was small. It has continued to this day and I like it because I can let my mind wander and dream up possibilities. Let the fantastic rule the day! That's what I try to do in every novel, start out with the mundane and then toss in the fantastic.
3. What are your favorite books to read and why?
I read a variety of novels, mainly sci-fi and fantasy, but also historical and biographical. They all give me insights into the human condition.
4.  What are your favorites?  (food, colors, activities, places)
Okay, for food, give me pizza and pasta, and sushi! I live in Japan and I love sushi as long as it's fresh.
Colors--anything dark. I don't go in for brightness.
Activities? If I have any free time from writing and work (I'm an ESL teacher) I watch movies or play baseballl with my sons.
Places--I love Guam and would like to go back there for a visit if my finances improve. I just got back from a brief visit with my family to Kochi Prefecture. (We live in Osaka). We explored the castle, the beach, and saw a number of interesting sights. It was a short trip, but it was fun.
5.  What is one thing you want your readers to remember about you?
Ha, will they remember me? I hope so! All right, if they're going to remember me for anything, perhaps it will be for the positive tone I bring to my novels. Yes, there's action and blood and death. Yes, there is loss...but in the end I always manage to add in a note of hope. Hope is all we've got. If we give that up, we have nothing.
6.  If you could give me one piece of advice, what would it be?
If you're a writer, start and don't stop. As a person, be true to yourself, your loved ones, give each day everything you've got. At the end of the day, go to bed satisfied that you've done your best.
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