Product Review: 60 Second Instant Facial Lift Serum!

I'm as curious as the next person about these products that claim to get rid of under eye puffiness and fine lines. So I had my model try it out. Here's what happened:

The company originally wanted a 60 second video done in real time.  However, after taking the 60 second video, I saw more changes for nearly 30 minutes after applying the serum.  So I decided to take pictures at five minute intervals recording the change.

My model had dark circles under her eyes as well as fine lines around her eyes and on her forehead.  After thirty minutes, the under eye circles were diminished by at least 75% and the wrinkles had diminished by at least 50%.  So a longer time frame proved to be useful in the difference L'Reve24K Luxury Skin Care Instant Facial Lift Serum made!

Another thing I like about this product is the price.  $29.95 is a value compared to other facial lift serums available.  And it does improve the skin's appearance a lot.  This product would be a wonderful product to use for special occasions if you're a little tight on money.  Otherwise it would be very useful for an every day regimen as well.

With this serum, there is much less worry about hiding under eye circles and puffiness with makeup and concealers!

Here's the link in case you're interested:


*This is a sponsored post.  Free samples were given in exchange for a review.