Serenity by Diamante Lavendar

  ClearSerenity by Diamante Lavendar

Today I'm posting one of my older pieces. It is entitled Serenity. I drew this abstract piece with colored pencils.

I titled this piece Serenity because I drew it from a place of serenity. Serenity is a special place within our hearts where anything is possible. It is the site of origin...the center of our being. Serenity is a space within us that connects with Divine presence; a place where we truly know exactly who and what we are.

We all crave serenity. It is actually a need created in us to commune with Divinity. When we don't have serenity, we feel the emptiness and the loss in our lives. To fill that empty space is what we yearn and search for. However, all we really need to do is connect with the love within! Then Divinity begins to fill the emptiness with the beautiful energy of love, compassion and peace! Thus serenity blooms and grows along with a sense of purpose and fulfillment!

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