~Review of Twisted Faith by Victoria Schwimley~

Twisted Faith by Victoria Schwimley

Pastor David Owens came to New Hope Christian church expecting to revive a flailing congregation. What he got instead was just a building filled with grumbling, gossiping people.

Then one night, as he’s locking up to go home, he receives a desperate call from a young woman in the parking lot.

Abigail Stein is seventeen and an unwed mother. Persecuted by religiously fanatical parents, Abby is on the verge of killing herself—along with her baby.

David turns to God for guidance, calling on all his training to save the lives of this young woman and her child. Is it enough? Can David help her see the strength of God’s love before it’s too late?

My Review:  5 Stars!

If you enjoy reading books about Christianity, you will love this story!  It is a beautiful portrayal of the pitfalls and rewards of religion.  It speaks of the unfortunate circumstance of religion used to shame and disgrace but also of the beautiful circumstance of religion used to love and edify.  This is a well thought out story with a carefully crafted plot.  The reader will learn much about love and redemption from this book.

I highly recommend Twisted Faith!  To all adult audiences!  It is heartfelt and knowledgeable regarding the ways of the wayward souls and of the loving souls which are found in humanity. This book is a tear jerker as it explores the profundities of what really matter in life.  For anyone who enjoys pondering upon the human condition, this book is a must read!

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Where you can find Victoria:

Website:  http://victoriaschwimley.com

Twitter:   @schwimley

Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4952648.Victoria_Schwimley

Interview with Victoria:

1.  What prompted you to write these books?

I wanted to find a way to reach out to kids to show them the love of God without pushing religion on them. I figured the best way to do this would be to approach some of the topics that affect them and approach it from a manner they might accept. I created Pastor David as a character that loves these kids and cares about them and accepts who they are, complete with their faults—someone who wouldn’t judge them, but understand them.

2.  What is your favorite genre to write and why?

I think that depends on my mood. I love my children’s detective series. The two characters in these stories are my granddaughters, and the antics they get into suit their personalities. I love the faith series because it allows me to connect with kids and show them they don’t have to be perfect to have God’s love.

3.  What is an interesting fact about you you'd like to share?

In addition to writing novels, I also write and produce stage plays. I have a passion for live theater and I’m thrilled to see my stories come to life.

4.  Favorites:  food, color, place, activity?

My favorite food is anything with chocolate in it. My favorite color is blue, more specifically Turquoise. My favorite place is San Francisco, and my favorite activity is writing—next to that it would be walking on the beach.

5.  What are your hobbies?

I love to sew things, which I suppose goes along with my creative gene. I also enjoy camping and taking short hikes.

6.  What inspires you?

I’m inspired by life and the events that happen around me. For example, the inspiration for my book Capturing Faith came because I was surrounded daily by teenagers who seemed to survive on caffeine. I saw the effects this had on their lives. They joked about needing the caffeine to stay awake, but I saw it as a problem and addressed it in the story about a young man who takes massive amounts of caffeine until his body responds by crashing. I wrote this first as a stage play that was performed by the youth of my church. They reported on how much they learned about the dangers of caffeine and the need to take better care of their bodies.

7.  If you could give me one piece of advice about life, what would it be?

I have two mottos I live by. “Life’s too short to sit on the bench, so get in there and pitch the game.” And “Always treat others how I’d want them to treat me.”