~Review of The Adventures Of JoJo Smith by Tony Leslie Duxbury~

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This is a light-hearted and amusing fantasy about a young man who is accidentally transported to an alien world. It is a medieval world and the magician who pulled him from his own was only practicing! Jojo is frightened out of his wits and finds himself in the middle of a needle match between the magician and the King's henchman. As the magician ignores his pleas to reverse the spell and send him back Jojo looks for a way to force the issue. This is out of character for the normally happy-go- lucky Jojo, who usually just drifts through life. He comes up with the idea of making a revolution and dethroning the King. He finds allies to help him and the plan swings into motion. Of course, everything goes wrong from the start.

My Review:  4 Stars!

This is a humorous fantasy story that takes place in a medieval village.  The main character from modern day England is transported via a wizard to the medieval dimension for the purpose of collecting information.  The wizard ends up keeping the man, named JoJo, in the dimension as a source of amusement.  The book follows JoJo's desperate attempt to cause an uproar in the realm thus forcing the wizard to send him home reluctantly.

There are some funny scenes.  But the humor is adult;  this is not a book for children.  There is a lot of slang used from the perspective of English society, but I didn't find it difficult to follow.  I did run into a number of typos and spelling errors, but despite that the book was easy to read and understand.  The book was written in a sort of monologue of the main character. Everything was described by the main character's perspective with some dialogue peppered into the manuscript as well to add interest.  I do wish there had been more dialogue as well as a touch more character development and detail added to parts of the story to make the pace a bit faster.

All in all, if you enjoy fantasy and humor, you would find this story entertaining.   It did provide some much enjoyed laughter!

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