Hardships Are Stepping Stones To Better Things

Nobody likes hardship. Not only does it put a "kink" in our plans, but it hurts. As human beings, we want to shy away from pain. But hardships are a part of life that we must accept because they'll never go away. Here are some reasons to embrace hardship:


Hardship strengthens our spirits. Although hardship is grueling, it creates resolve in us. It paves the way for our determination to increase. After going through a tough situation, we become more empowered and want even more to accomplish those goals that might have seemed much more difficult to reach before we endured the pressure of hardship. It makes us just a little more resolved to face life with determination.

Hardship makes us appreciate good things more. After going through a spell of extreme discomfort, even the small things seem much more meaningful. For example, even in a situation where your car is in the shop for a week, once you get it back you'll be so much happier that you have a means of transportation. And the bigger the hardship, the greater the appreciation after it's all over.

Hardships give us wisdom.  Think back ten years.  Think about what you've gone through to get to where you are today.  You've got to admit...you've learned a lot!  You're so much wiser for the things you've been through that you can see your hardships as stepping stones to your dreams!

Hardships help us endure.  After you've been through the wringer, you'll have a tendency to say, "I got through that.  I can get through this."  When you get through one trial, you'll have more faith that you'll get through the next one.  It's a matter of learning that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  As the saying goes, "this too shall pass."

Hardships are a way to communicate with others.  We are more empathetic towards other people's pain after enduring hardship.  We relate to each other and are able to be more helpful toward each other after enduring difficult things.

Hardships help to give us freedom.  Many times hardships have to do with things we fear.  After going through the problem, we become a little less fearful.  Like the Little Engine That Could, so are we when we walk through the fire and come out a little freer from our pain and fear.  That's a beautiful stepping stone to future success and happiness!

Next time life gets rough, remember:  you'll learn a lot and be happier once you graduate from the test.  You'll be stronger, wiser, more determined, more empathetic and appreciative!  All perfect ways to be more successful in the future!