The Ease Of Transmitting Contempt

None of us likes contempt. We shy away from it for the most part. We don't want to live with it. We don't want others looking at us with it. But yet, at times, it is so easy to spread around. If we find ourselves in a bad mood, it spreads. If we become judgmental, it spreads. If we have misunderstandings, it spreads. The sad truth is, contempt is easily caught, much like a virus. And if we remain unaware as to its capabilities, we become its victim.

Hurt by Diamante

If someone hurts you, you will feel contempt toward them. And that is understandable. It takes great strength not to act on it if you find yourself in that position. It is truly a person of great character and wisdom who knows how to proceed in peace and not take up the hateful attitude that contempt brings. It is always easier to get mad than to forgive. Forgiving, however, creates a much more well rounded person in the end. And a much healthier, happier one. But it takes great effort to be that type of person.

Using scapegoats is a common practice. When a certain person harms you, you want to react in the same way to all people who remind you of the person that victimized you. That is a normal reaction as well. But think about practicing that type of mindset. You just may be victimizing someone innocent. And kind. You never know until you completely understand each person you are interacting with. It also re-victimizes you in the process by dredging up old pain and agony. Why do it? It's so much better to seek peace.

There is such a tendency to want to criticize others who are different. And the sad truth is you are different as well. Different to many people who don't understand or know you. So does that give others a right to tread on your humanity? No. We need to practice temperance toward each other because nobody is perfect. If you find yourself having a bad day, the best policy is to hold your tongue or seclude yourself until you get you mindset under control. There is enough hate in the world. What we need is love and peace.

The old adage of treating someone as you would like to be treated is very true. Even Jesus talked to sinners. In fact, He singled them out so that He could help them. And the sad truth is, that is all of us. None of us is perfect. So why don't we try to make the world a better place by being considerate and a little practicing empathy rather than anger? Just think of how wonderful this world could be if we all tried a little harder to be just a little more understanding. I, myself, am extremely grateful for everyone who extends kindness to me. Because I'm not perfect. In reality, nobody is. When I'm having a bad day, just having someone smile at me and hold a door open can change my perspective, no matter who they happen to be. So how about being a gateway of love to others around us? Who knows? Maybe we could even find ourselves a little closer to heaven? I wouldn't mind that. Would you?