Cooperation Versus Competition...Which Is Better?

Ever since I was young, I disliked the idea of competition. It seemed unnatural to me: the concept of all for one and one for all. If competition was the way of life, why then did nature live in harmony and cooperation? Trees depending on air and grass depending on soil. Animals depending on plant and tree life for shelter and man depending on earth for everything he/she needs. The only thing I could see in the form of competition was man and animals killing to eat. Otherwise, life relies on itself to survive.

Therefore, I began to think about the strength of cooperation. I came up with many reasons why cooperation is critical in survival. One reason is the fact that there is strength in numbers. No matter what you're discussing, if there are numbers of people involved, there will be much greater strength in the process and outcome. If one man stands alone and another is surrounded by a group of dedicated followers, which man will thrive more easily? Of course the man with the group! Even nature thrives in groups with lone stragglers falling easily to disaster.

Another reason why cooperation is critical is that the whole is never greater than the sum of its parts. The more hands involved in a situation, the more the outcome is determined to succeed. That is why animals hunt in packs and why people live in cities and towns. There is strength in numbers as well as more safety for the most part.

The third reason I'll share tonight about the strength of cooperation is the fact of diversity being involved in cooperative efforts. People bring their own talents and knowledge into a cooperative situation. Everyone has their own perspective and opinion, causing greater ingenuity to be brought to the cooperative circumstance.

When the unfortunate situation arises where people aren't willing to cooperate, I have found the root cause to be fear. And fear does definitely prove to be a snare. So it is my humble opinion that cooperation brings much goodness and wealth of information to the table. It brings future possibility of greatness to a situation.

I look forward to cooperating with many people in my efforts....not only in my writing, but also in my personal life. Cooperation mirrors the natural world and just seems to be the most probable way of future success and happiness..for everyone involved!  In marriages, families, as well as businesses, cooperation is key!  Cooperation brings Heaven a little closer to home!