For The Love Of A Cat

She was a cat. She was crafty and cunning, graceful, sublime. She knew her place and it was a place of lofty heights. She took no orders from anyone but the High Priestess of her temple.

There were times when she lay in the warmth of the sun, stretching her legs out before herself. She moved for noone. Unless a fly or bug caught her attention. Then she crept and crouched, her tail lurching forcefully back and forth. She knew what she liked, and she attended to it with great abandon.

For The Love Of A Cat Blog

There were times when love filled her and she leapt from her lofty height to grace the High Priestess with her presence, rubbing her soft, fluffy fur against the High Priestess' legs. Warm, fuzzy purrs emanated from deep within her belly as she hugged the High Priestess with much admiration. When she loved, she loved fiercely. But ultimately she grew tired of the affection and left to once again to attend to other interests.

During other moments, she became sociable and would follow the High Priestess around as she chatted happily in her native tongue. The High Priestess always seemed to understand although she spoke in another language. They had a communion between themselves, a communication that surpassed their language barrier. When the High Priestess pet her, all was well with the world and she was free once again to explore her terrain.

Through the years, she and the High Priestess shared many wonderful moments together talking, listening to the birds, snuggling and reading books. The days passed quickly and the years quietly passed.

She began to get old and she moved more slowly than before. Her voice became hoarse when she spoke to the High Priestess. But she noticed that the High Priestess was also going through changes. She thought nothing of it. Besides the obvious, things were the same.

The chatting continued, just a bit more slowly. The time spent reading and cuddling increased. It was a season of wonderful communion. The High Priestess seemed to have more time for her now. She spent less time in the lofty heights and more time on the floor in the sunlight, the warmth radiating through her velvety fur as the High Priestess attended to her duties. There was more time for sleep and less time for play.

Until one day when the High Priestess called for her. She was much too tired. She answered quietly but her voice was barely a whisper. She listened as the High Priestess searched through her domain, calling her name. Finally the High Priestess found her and her voice sounded strange. She knelt next to her cat, stroking her fur as teardrops fell to rest in her downy fluff. The cat was so tired that she peacefully purred and listened to the High Priestess' voice float further and further away. As the intense need to sleep overtook her, the cat graced the High Priestess with one final wave of her tail. She meowed a faint goodbye and shut her eyes, feeling the sadness of the High Priestess emanating through her heart;  a feeling she did not enjoy. She knew she would see the High Priestess again. She was only falling asleep.

And she resolved to wait patiently until that time came.  She only hoped that the High Priestess knew they would be reunited;  in a place where they both had the energy and vigor of the days when they had first met.  Then they would talk, play and read books together once again as she waited to jump down from her lofty height to greet her High Priestess anew.