Meet Cameron Gray, A Talented Digital Artist!

I came across Cameron Gray while I was on Fine Art America. To say I was blown away by his talent is an understatement! Wow! I scrolled through his thought provoking images and found myself escorted to another dimension, which is what good art will do. I knew I had to share his work.

All From Nothing We Became Something available  here .

All From Nothing We Became Something available here.

I sent Cameron some interview questions. Please find my interview with him below:

1.  What inspired you to start creating art?  Is it still your inspiration today?

I was inspired to begin creating art around 2001 when my uncle gave me a piece of 3D software called Bryce3D which lets you create fairly simple 3D landscapes, at the time I thought it was amazing and I began creating desktop wallpapers for my computer that became more and more elaborate. I then began incorporating photographic elements and textures into the images from my photography class at school, and they began to branch off into their own style of artwork. Around that time I visited a digital art exhibition in my town and it was my first introduction to seeing professional digital art in an exhibition space. Back in 2001 it was still very rare to see digital art in a traditional gallery so the whole experience was very empowering for me. It inspired me to take my art to an even higher level and began my path to becoming a professional artist.

2.  Are you involved with other things besides your art?  If so could you tell me about them?

I used to do a lot of photography on the side, but my art pretty much takes up my whole day now since it’s become my full time business. But photography is still something I love experimenting with when possible, I particularly enjoy street photography, landscape photography and macro photography. Besides that enjoy hiking, cooking, exercising and constantly learning about new subjects whether through books, online courses etc. Continually trying to improve my mind and body.

3.  How do you create your art?  Are there any special techniques or supplies that you use?

The process has multiple approaches to it which have evolved over the years. I still incorporate 3D elements with photographic elements, hand drawn elements, and anything else I need to create the particular piece. But the process is much more in-depth and refined now. 

The process begins with planning the concept of the artwork, this planning stage usually takes 1-2 weeks where I begin with sketches and rough drafts to get a feel for the composition and feeling behind the piece. Then I move onto the creation stage which can last anywhere from between 1-8 weeks. An average piece takes around 4 weeks from conception to completion.

The artwork is composed in Photoshop which acts as the canvas, by bringing in all the elements from other software such as C4D, Vue, Zbrush, Illustrator, Painter etc, as well as any hand created elements. I don’t limit myself to any one tool, I’ll use anything I need in order to accomplish the particular artwork.

4.  What do you hope that your art portrays to your followers? 

Curiosity, compassion, gratitude, love, growth, the willingness to look deep inside your own psyche, etc. The art is essentially a self study of my place in the universe. I use art as a way to explore and understand my own self, others, nature and the universe. The deeper I go, the more I realise how little I understand. But this continual process of learning about myself and my place in the universe is one of the most rewarding journeys one could embark on.

5.  What advice would you give to other artists/creatives from your experiences thus far?

Continually assess your work, your beliefs, your approach, and keep learning. Each piece of art you create is a stepping stone of learning and creativity. When you create something that you really love, pull it apart, study it, and find what makes that piece of art so pleasing to you. Look for those tiny gems of wisdom and guidance within the art that you gravitate toward, and then take that forward into the next piece. Enjoy what you do and stay curious about everything around you. Curiosity in art and the willingness to explore your ideas is where the greatest leaps of growth come from.

Here are a few more amazing pieces:

I feel like I could immerse myself in Cameron’s work. If you’re as intrigued as I am, I know you’ll love his website! You can find it here.

You can also find him on social media here:

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