Experience is the greatest teacher by Diamante Lavendar.jpg

Do you ever wonder why things happen to you? Have you been stuck in the after effects of hardship? Well, take heart. There is a reason for everything. And everything has a season. There is a season for love, a season for pain, a season for learning, a season for relaxing. Everything that has happened to you ends up having a purpose.

Even the simple things happen for a reason. Usually the reason is a learning experience. I have decided to live my life with this perspective because it helps me to make sense of life. At times we don’t learn the reason right away. It may take years. We may never understand the reason completely. But we will always get a glimpse of an answer. I can give you a couple examples.

The first is a pretty common occurrence. Years ago, I was in a hurry. A big hurry. I ran and bustled about my home trying to get my kids to dress to leave. As I was running around, I smacked my little toe on a chair in the living room-and broke it completely, at a 45 degree angle from my foot! PAINFUL! What did it teach me? Well, after I left the ER, I decided to stop being in such a hurry. Was it a lasting change? No. It took several more mishaps before I learned to settle down. The last mishap-almost careening over a cliff in my car-taught me. It’s such a shame I tend to be hard headed. But yet it’s also a quality that has brought me through tremendous hardship. Yes, I now take it easier. I realize that it’s not worth dying over if I’m running late!

A very serious occurrence was my first child’s death. I have written about her in my books. Her name was Jasmine and she was born premature. She died ten hours later. This occurrence took me almost 20 years to come to grips with-just before my youngest daughter Kelby passed away. I can tell you that I lost it for a long time. But I can also tell you that I gained so much when I came to realize how much they both taught me. They led me to God. And because of them I became a better person. I decided to reach out and help more people. I have empathy for others and the agony they face. It caused me to write books, create beautiful art and seek Spirit with the greatest zeal that lives in me. I know they are waiting in Heaven. And I want to be with them. Because my children left, I now have a deep relationship with my Maker. Do I want them back? Of course. Do I still mourn? Definitely. But I also have the hope of our reunion which I dream of every day as I give my best for others through my writing and art.

If you have gone through things that you can’t understand, if you are battling the appeal of bitterness and anger, then know that there is a reason why you’ve been through what you have. I know it seems unforgivable but I promise that somehow it will work for your betterment if you allow it to. It’s a matter of perspective to live this way. But it will lead you to beautiful places of wisdom and understanding if you allow it to.

This life isn’t easy. And it’s not fair. Horrible things happen but beautiful things happen too. If you can come to grips with your deepest fears and pain, you can grow to a stature that you never dreamed you could. The sky is the limit when you discover your purpose and your destination. Everything in between is your life path. Please make it a good one through your experiences.