The Meaning Of Christmas

Since Christmas will soon be upon us, I have dedicated this post to the season. The most obvious reason for this time of year is Jesus’ birth. But what else does it mean? Here are some of my thoughts.

Christmas to me is a time of regeneration. We are reborn into a spirit of love and community. Christmas is a season of goodwill and celebration; a time of remembrance for a Savior born of man. Christmas is a time of refreshment and renewal. A time of new hope and promises which began by the birth of a child destined to lead us into a spiritual place of wonder and love.

Christmas is also a time of respect and observance. For God, for His son, for Spiritual insight and wisdom. The truth of the season is that we are loved more than we can ever know while we walk this earth. Here we encounter hardship and suffering, disabling our ability to live in complete peace and rest. But hardship gifts us with great understanding that eventually leads to more respect not only of spiritual matters but also of our fellow man. These truths of Christmas live in each day of every year.

Christmas is a time of passion. A time to remember One who came for all of us because of love. A time of redemption and purpose. We all crave love. We all crave understanding, empathy and compassion. These are things we find as we seek Oneness with our Creator and greatest love, no matter where we live or what we do for a living. We are all part of the great whole of life, each of us being of immense importance to the prosperity of the Oneness into which we were born.

Christmas is a beautiful time. It can be difficult because of loved ones having left us or situations in our lives having let us down- jobs, friendships, death-but the truth remains that we can still find some semblance of beauty if we only look through Spirit’s eyes of love and light. Life is a mirror of things which we need to learn. It is also a test of what we have learned. In the light of eternity we can only be more blessed after having learned harsh lessons. Our reward is deeper truth, love and understanding after the impact of hardship has marked us.

It is all about perspective. And understanding. We can always dive deeper into realms of truth and insight. Christmas is a reminder to me of that very profound fact. There is always more to learn, there is always more room for us to grow. That is my Christmas wish. Not only peace on earth and goodwill to men but also a profound Oneness which emcompasses nature and every living, breathing thing.

That is what I wish for you, for me and for this wonderful planet that we call home. That’s one of the greatest enticements offered by heaven: the Oneness that we all are part of. The love and enlightenment that we all share.

Merry Christmas and very Happy Holidays!