Some Fun, Interesting Art: Feature Of Torie Tiffany

Several weeks back I was working on my art site when I decided to google interesting artists. When I did, I found an artist named Torie Tiffany. I loved her art so much that I contacted her about doing a feature on my blog. She and I are kindred spirits artistically as you are about to see. Our work contains many similarities which is always a very cool thing!

Here is a brief bio written by Torie:

The creative process is like breath - essential, spontaneous and fulfilling.  With each collage I form, and every vignette I write, a new part of me comes to life with a joy I hope to share in the completed piece.

My art is inspired by the elements, inhabitants and connective energy of our amazing universe.  I design by blending these aspects in a synthesis of photography and digital painting, while writing a few lines of creative reflection. The works are grouped into several individual series ranging from sublime to comical, representing my ever meandering mind: 

  • Ancient Spirits - Guiding forces of the past, present and future.

  • Copy Cat -          Crafty Comic Clowder.

  • Faunagraphs -    A captured critter collection of photography and digital painting.

  • Fiscellaneous -   Revelations and Reflections.

  • Fleurogeny -      Representing the emergence of life and growth in an array of babes in bloom.

  • Fleurotica -        An exploration of nature’s exquisite shapes in a blend of blossoms and bodies.

Welcome to my imagination!

If you enjoy Torie’s art, you can find her here:

Facebook: TTiffanyArt

Twitter:  @Toriegal

Child’s Gift

Child’s Gift

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